Luxury Condo


Joyce is a new condo development by Westbank currently in preconstruction at 5050 Joyce Street, Vancouver. Joyce has a total of 256 units.

5050 Joyce Street, Vancouver



Adjacent to the Joyce-Collingwood Sky Train Station, in a growing residential neighbourhood in Vancouver, JOYCE is at the centre of a dynamic, tight-knit community. This is a unique opportunity to live, study, work and play near community centres, libraries, schools, stores and restaurants, in a walkable area that is surrounded by nature yet well-connected to transit.


The interior architecture philosophy of Westbank involves a holistic approach to design – the consideration of how public and private spaces should be experienced and how the design should enhance and build upon one’s first response to a space to create a sophisticated and layered curated experience. This holistic method involves nurturing several key relationships with partners that share the same passion, dedication to design and commitment to excellence as Westbank. Through these relationships, we can create the quality of environment that allows continuous exploration and enjoyment.